New York Event Planner is Going to Share Secrets for Partying

DeJuan Stroud is getting ready to go to H-Town in order to provide inspiration to people which can help them in various aspects of their lives. DeJuan Stroud is one of the most experienced and creative event planners. He is very rich with stories and advice that relate to planning parties and events. He is also willing to share them with people so that they can benefit from the knowledge that he has. Among the clients that DeJuan Stroud has worked with include Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberh, and Jon Bon Jovi. He considers those people to be on top of everything due to all of the hard work that they put into their careers. The early days of his company Twenty Three Layers.

Twenty Three Layers is an event planning firm that provides full services in partying and design. The company is staffed with very creative minds with a vision for events. Their plans often exceed the imagination of their clients. They can work with any theme and handle any mood for any event. Twenty Three Layers has worked with some of the most respected and loved clients, vendors, and establishments. There is a lot that the company offers due to its experience with expertise, knowledge and creativity.

Running awesome events can be very fun. In fact, the best events that are run are good because the planner was able to use creativity and have fun with project. As a result, everyone is satisfied with the results from the planners. The clients and the audience find themselves amazed and impressed with what planners like DeJuan Stroud have to offer for them. One of his most memorable works is the Lincoln Center event with Donald Trump. He has also worked with Aretha Franklin in order to bring about a great concert to the audience.

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